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Le Perroquet


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This talk will be focused on giving Peroquettes the confidence and tools they need to pro-actively navigate, negotiate and build their careerS. By looking at what holds them back and importantly: what strategies and mindset shifts they can employ to remove those barriers, Peroquettes will be empowered to have meaningful career conversations so that they can take important steps in their career.

Wies Bratby is a top-lawyer-turned-HR-Director-turned-coach-slash-consultant, who recently returned to her native Netherlands, after living and working across the globe for nearly a decade, the last 6 years in Switzerland. Through her coaching practice Women in Negotiation and her podcast "Winning with Wiest Bratby" she helps corporate women to pro-actively navigate and negotiate their careers. Wies is also a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop trainer, inspiring women to ask for everything they want, need and deserve in their careers and lives.